Looking For An Alternative To WordPress?

I get it. As much as I love WordPress it can also be a huge pain. Even for someone with years of experience like myself there are times that I wish the WordPress experience was simpler, more elegant, and involved less ongoing maintenance.

WordPress has developed hugely since I built my first site with it in 2010, yet it still can prove intimidating for newbies, or those building a small portfolio of websites (the learning curve does flatten the more you use it). From themes, to plugins, to updates the process can be confusing, time consuming and frustrating. A number of WordPress page builders have developed over the years making the backend user experience simpler, and they have taken things forward a huge amount.

I have used Elementor, Beaver Builder and Divi Builder on website projects over the past few years. They make the creation of great looking web pages much easier, but there is an alternative to WordPress that in my business we have started using on some builds.

Enter GroovePages.

I have the overall responsibility for hundreds of websites, and I can’t see my business dropping WordPress, but in certain builds GroovePages is making more sense. For those who are looking for a simple, easily managed solution (no WordPress theme or plugin updates to worry about, and no plugin conflicts) GroovePages could be worth looking into. Hosting is included, along with an email broadcast and autoresponder, so for those looking for easily built landing pages with built in lead capture it is a serious contender.

GroovePages is packaged as part of a suite of integrated apps under the umbrella of GrooveFunnels, but in this article we are mostly concerned with the website side of things, with GroovePages (currently available) and GrooveBlog (coming soon).