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Quick Tips To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Having a fast loading WordPress website has never been more important. Google takes page loading speed into account as part of its ranking algorithm process. Numerous studies have shown that the drop-off in visitors is dramatic for every second it takes your pages to load. People want to see the page, and they want it now!

With the majority of internet use now taking place on mobile devices it’s particularly important to have pages that look good and load fast. Your visitors are just not going to hang around.

By following the steps below your page will load faster. Work through them and see the difference.

Benchmark Your Site Speed

OK, we need to see where you are right now, so we can check progress. There are three sites I recommend for checking. On each of them run the test, wait a minute or so and repeat. You may find slight differences in the page load times on each test, but we want to get a reasonable idea of page speed. The most important figure on all of these is the page load time (measured in seconds – if you are measuring in minutes you have much bigger problems!).

GT MetrixPingdomGoogle Page Speed Insights

These services will all give you information on what is slowing your pages, and it is worth looking for simple fixes that may be speed things up easily. The suggestions below will take care of some of these.

Bad Hosting Can Slow Down Your Website

OK, so that unlimited hosting package at $2 per month looked attractive at the time you bought it, but the likelihood is that it is killing your website speed and your conversions. Like a lot of things in this world, with hosting you typically get what you pay for, and a cheap service often comes at a high cost.

I have hosting spread around a few providers. All of my clients’ sites are on WPX Hosting (sites are fast and Live Chat support is instant and very helpful). Personally I avoid GoDaddy for hosting and any companies owned by EIG (a big list which includes Hostgator, BlueHost, HostNine and many others).

Having an optimized hosting environment gives your website a great chance to perform well. It is worth spending a bit more. Care for your website and it will care for you – give it a good home.




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Remove Unecessary Plugins

plugins to use inc cache