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I was recently asked by a reader of one of my other sites about creating a forum site.

Although I have participated on forums and do read some from time to time I have never installed or configured one.

Because the reader was just starting with website building and I recommend WordPress for all new sites then it would be ideal if I could find a WordPress froum plugin.

A quick search on Google and I found several. I also found lots of good reviews for bbpress which seemed to be the most popular solution.

However most of the bbpress articles I read said bbpress integrated with WordPress but wasn’t a plugin.

However when I searched the WordPress plugins I found bbpress, and installed it on a test site.

I haven’t come any further with it. I may do in the future, but I just wanted to point out for those looking at wordpress forums that bbpress is now released as a plugin and not as a separate application.

Here are some of the useful forum articles I found

  • http://chasesagum.com/5-best-choices-for-wordpress-forum-plugins
  • http://www.quickonlinetips.com/archives/2010/05/wordpress-forum-plugins/

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