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Modifying A WordPress Theme-Part 1

themesThere are thousands of professional WordPress themes available to choose from but even with all that choice you often find that you would like to make minor changes to your chosen theme.

Fortunately armed with a little understanding of php,css  and WordPress templates you can easily make minor changes to get the theme looking exactly as you want it. Continue reading

WordPress Ecommerce Website Options

If you are thinking of selling products/services online then WordPress offers several different implementation options that are suitable for most small-medium online shops/stores.

As discussed in WordPress Themes vs Plugins adding additional functionality can be achieved by either using a theme specific to that function, or by adding an appropriate plugin to an existing theme.

Which option you choose is usually determined by the functionality that you require and whether or not your site functions primarily as a shop/store or if the shop is an add-on and not the main focus of the site.

Ecommerce/Shop Themes.

Ecommerce themes come in two variants.

  • Stand Alone themes
  • Themes built for a ecommerce plugin

Stand Alone Themes

With this type of theme you install the theme and the theme adds the necessary ecommerce features.

Themes Requiring an Ecommerce Plugin

These themes are niche specific in that they are designed for a particular market e.g. selling shoes, cameras, gadgets etc but require a specific ecommerce plugin for the ecommerce functionality.

Ecommerce Plugins

These plugins provide the ecommerce functionality and can be installed and work with most themes so that you can add ecommerce/shop features to an existing site without having to change the site theme.

I prefer this option as you also always have the option of making your site look more shop/store like by installing a ecommerce theme (free or premium).

Examples are woo ecommerce and eshop which are two that I have tried, but there are many more.

WordPress Themes vs Plugins

Generally when we think of a WordPress theme we think about the look and feel of the website, and when we think of plugins we think of additional functionality.

For example if you wanted to add a contact form to your site you wouldn’t change the theme you would install a contact form plugin.

However there are Themes available that not only change the look and feel of the website they also add additional functionality.

For example. Lets say you wanted to create an auction website then you have two options.

You could add an auction plugin to your existing wordpress theme (e.g. WordPress Auctions Plugin) or you could install an auction theme like the WordPress Auction Theme. See Sitemile website.

Which is the best option?

Well if the site is a general site and the auction is a part of it then the plugin will do. If the site is going to be a dedicated auction site then the theme would be best.

There are many theme designers creating themes based on a particular function like directory site, classified ads, shops/ecommerce etc.

Most tend to be premium themes, but the cost of the themes is trivial when compared to what it would cost you to develop that kind of functionality yourself.