WordPress Coding Basics For Beginners

Hi and welcome.

Please note: Site is being repositioned to focus more on understanding  WordPress coding. You can find out how to use WordPress for your website on my other site here.

There are many websites that show you how to edit WordPress and write code snippets to do certain things.

However as I have tried to understand WordPress in more detail I have found very few sites that explain how WordPress works from a beginners perspective.

The aim of this Website is to help complete beginners:

  • Understand how WordPress Works.
  • Understand how to create and modify WordPress Themes and Plugins

Join me as I learn, and then try to pass on that learning.


Getting Started

WordPress is written in PHP and so a good understanding of PHP is essential to get started.- see PHP Basics for WordPress Websites.

I recommend that before you attempt to write or change any code you should  understand the WordPress Loop,  how wordpress templates work,and the Load process. 




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