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build website wordpressAre you looking to Build websites or blogs using WordPress, and want a more in depth understanding of how WordPress works.

Perhaps you would like to customise WordPress, or maybe develop plugins, themes etc.

I’m Steve and although I’m not a WordPress developer, and don’t create templates or plugins for a living, I have built many websites using WordPress.

Many of the sites have needed some form of customisation, and most have used child themes.

While trying to do that I have found many sites with excellent code snippets, but I didn’t find any that gave much of an explanation of the main WordPress functions and the code itself.

This  is my attempt to explain as best I can what I have learned and continue to learn as I delve further into WordPress.

Getting Started

Making untested modifications to a live site isn’t recommended and so it is important that you understand how to create a test site.

WordPress is written in PHP and so a good understanding of PHP is essential to get started.- see PHP Basics for WordPress Websites.

I recommend that before you attempt to write or change any code you should look at:

 External Resources and references:

Slide show covering the WP_Query object for developers. This is a video of the slideshow which makes understanding the slide show easier.

Adding scripts and css files to WordPress– cover wp_emqueue




Note: if you’re a small business or personal site owner looking to simply build a website and aren’t concerned with the more technical details then visit my other site.


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