WordPress Coding and Development for Complete Beginners

Hi and welcome.

build website wordpressAre you looking to Build and develop websites/blogs using WordPress and want a more in depth understanding of how WordPress works.

Perhaps you would like to customise WordPress, or maybe develop plugins, themes etc.

I’m Steve and I’ve been using WordPress for around 10 years. Over that time I’ve made minor changes to WordPress by creating child themes, and page templates.

I’ve even created simple plugins for my own personal use.

While trying to do that I have found many sites with excellent code snippets, but I didn’t find any that gave much of an explanation of the main WordPress functions and the code itself.

This  is my attempt to explain as best I can what I have learned and continue to learn as I delve further into WordPress.

Getting Started

Making untested modifications to a live site isn’t recommended, and so it is important that you understand how to create a test site.

WordPress is written in PHP and so a good understanding of PHP is essential to get started.- see PHP Basics for WordPress Websites.

I recommend that before you attempt to write or change any code you should look at:

 External Resources and references:

Slide show covering the WP_Query object for developers. This is a video of the slideshow which makes understanding the slide show easier.

Adding scripts and css files to WordPress– cover wp_emqueue


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Note: if you’re a small business or personal site owner looking to simply build a website and aren’t concerned with the more technical details then visit my other site.



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